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Here are some vital points we wish to bring to the notice of investors of Indian stock market who are venturing in to the ever green field of stock market and for their kind consideration and necessary action. As it is the common notion that stock market is giving wonderful benefits to those who invest based on it’s un-matched transparency. As such all of the investors who invest between one to ten lakhs which is their hard-earned money and lifelong saving s with a view of multifold their wealth with in a reasonable time when compared to other investments.


As everyone is aware of the fact that the Indian government is doing a very good job to boost the market in so many ways which created a belief in those investors and that the same trend shall continue for many more years to come. However what we observed is that some of the times it is so happening that 90% of the hopeful investors are losing their precious money while investing in stock market due to lack of proper advisory support and timely guidance. Even though sometimes they are enjoying profits when the market is in good rally; they are losing their hard earned money in case of down rally of the market they are losing almost all the money they earned so far.

Even though they are going for advisory support which is proving very expensive for them and at the same time misguiding them in their ways of investment so that they are put to excessive loss. Whereas the other 10% of the investors are investing huge amounts and are able to achieve the maximum benefits of the stock market just because of the reason that they are going for proper advisory support and following the path set by a responsible and caring advisory. Furthermore the charges levied during the advisory support mentioned above are far less when compared to the loss the majority of investors face in case of not being able to follow the market trend properly. Now, we, as an authenticated, qualified, experienced for more than 15 years and ever caring capital advisory who have been serving our numerous clientele, hereby assure them of our minute by minute customary and advisory support in order to enable them to get the ultimate benefits of stock market and in the process they get full justice for their hard earned and precious investments. Assuring our best attention and ever caring services always!!!!


Good Opportunity never knocks twice.


Here are some crucial points we wish to bring to the notice of the precious HNI clients who would like to venture in to the ever green field of stock market in order to build up their multifold wealth and the points are for their kind consideration and necessary action.It has been a continuing tradition in the market that most of the hopeful investors enter in to it by investing their money to get the maximum possible benefits for their investments. As you are aware of the fact that in the ever demanding field of stock market also so many entrepreneurs are coming forth with their money and beginning to plan their ventures to multifold their wealth with the minimum of a risk.We submit that this is possible only in the stock market. As you are aware the field is full of transparency and a systematic order and it gives it's investors a lot of privacy. Furthermore they have a chance to go for the timely liquidity of his money and as well as his stocks.

Furthermore as you are aware the present government in India is quite stable and it is formulating so many reforms in it's administration in order to boost the morale of the citizens every now and then.Now, in the above regard the Indian market is rapidly going in to a state of progress and this encouraging state of affairs shall continue for many more years to come.As a consequence so many enterprising investors are trying their luck in many a field of business and getting the corresponding benefits out of them. This is also happening in the ever demanding field of stock market where in so many entrepreneurs are coming forth with their money and beginning to plan their ventures to multifold their wealth with the minimum of a risk. Some of the times they are not being guided properly and not given the adequate customary support which would otherwise give them the maximum benefits for their investments.Now, being a highly experienced stock advisory who has been striving hard in the field of stock & trade for more than fifteen years and serving numerous clientele with our supportive calls and with a view to cater to the best interests of our clientele we hereby inform all the HNI clients as follows!!!!


We as a sincere advisory invite those HNI clients who wish to invest one crore or more with the minimum of risk to be in touch with us so that we shall provide them the best customary support and personal guidance and as a result ensure that their best interests are met and they get full fledged benefits for their precious money.Now, we as an authenticated and qualified advisory promise to take the above huge task with a challenging attitude and at the same time pledge to work round the clock to provide our minute by minute advisory support to all the in-valuable HNI clients and assure that full justice is done to their investments.We also submit in this regard that the ultimate decision and the right to extension of our services further is reserved to the valuable HNI client only and they are free to choose as to whatever way he wishes to have our services rendered to him.

Alert.! Alert..!! Alert...!!!

Sometimes Small Association Becomes Rewarding

We as an experienced capital advisory in the field of stock market with a view to establish a fruitful rapport and pave path to a wonderful interaction with an August group like you bring to you the following points for your kind consideration and necessary action. We are well aware of the fact that prominent members like KOTAK,IIFL,ANGEL & SHARE KHAN..etc have been striving in the ever demanding field of stock market and serving their numerous clientele with their valuable advice regarding market trends. They are extending their advisory support to the above clientele. Being financially sound enough they are able to invest huge amounts in the process.


Next we get in touch with you the remaining learned NSE members, BSE members & sub brokers who with a view to cater to the needs of your numerous clientele venture in to the ever demanding field of stock market. For an investor who with a view of getting maximum benefits always looks for the necessary advisory support while investment and to monitor the marketAt this stage it becomes compulsory for members like you to provide advisory support and in that process one has to go for a big establishment and man power to cater to the needs & demands of investor. It becomes mandatory to go for such heavy expenditure in the process. In the present demanding market it is not practical to invest hugely on such a factor like advisory support.


With a view to make the situation easier for you, we as a capital advisory who has been laboring in the chaotic field of stock market for the past fifteen years with un-matched dedication and round the clock efforts humbly submit as follows:
We while providing our dedicated support tend to cover vital segments like equity, commodity & currency.
We offer 90% of our calls to the public through various prominent social networks like FACEBOOK, TWITTER, MONEY CONTROL.COM & P3CAPITALADVISORY without aspiring for any kind of financial returns. At the same time we effect quite an orderly network through which we serve on minute by minute basis our clientele with prompt and timely updating of the ever changing stock market We deploy quite an experienced team of man power to work relentlessly to monitor the ever demanding stock market. We also make use of latest software programs to effect a good network for smooth and good operations.REUTERS to acquire latest updates of information, Cogencis, ticker plant....etc for technical & global data.


We ensure 24x7 support for esteemed clientele like you while providing our prestigious live support to cater to your requirements. As such we offer our services to you in order that there will be no need for you to go for such huge investments in the present day competitive markets and thereby face the risk factor. More over you will be relieved of your mental tension of having to deal with so many tedious issues. Your net worth become multifold in a fruitful manner and the numerous clientele who bank on you for your support may build considerable wealth in the process.
We offer to extend our advisory support which more than covers the needs of your ever demanding and nifty network.We as an introductory offer quote our best and rock bottom price in order to accommodate esteemed NSE, BSE members & sub brokers like you. We further assure complete privacy for you and as well as your clientele if the situation demands.We hope this generous offer extended by us is quite encouraging and meets your requirements.

For further details and any kind of clarification feel free to contact us @

All our followers, subscribers and viewers!!!!


It is a fact which most people are aware of, that most of the analysts and pundits of stock market are predicting over the period that the economy shall definitely revive in the years to come with a notion of the present stable government and it's systems of administration while the market is reaching it's great peaks.

Now It is unfortunate that we have been observing as 90 % of investers, subscribers and viewers have been using their emergency funds and hard-earned savings to invest in day trading. In the process they are losing their precious money. However 10% of the above are investing wisely in the positional trading and are getting the maximum benefits of the stock market in the process.

We, with a view of catering full justice to the investments of our followers and subscribers have been advising them against the day trading which proves to be quite harmful for their investments.

In this connection we have also been giving STOP LOSS for the calls so that even the day traders face the minimum of loss. (when the market Is low earlier the volatility is between 1 to 2 %. However for the reason that the market is growing to it's new heights and it being the misleading quality of the real bull market it shall enhance to between 5 to 10 % and as such the possibility of giving STOP LOSS becomes difficult.

As such based on the rigid volatility the STOP LOSS gets triggered even though it Is the best call given so far. It is to be noted that, except a few times, most of our caution calls met with success.

Now the market trend is changing because of high volatility and the market is reaching new heights an it shall continue .It is no longer safe to go for the day trading and the positional trading is the only wise system to go about investing one's hard earned money. As such we with all sincerity advise our followers, subscribers and viewers against day trading and opt for the positional trading which only helps them to get the maximum benefits of the ever green stock market.

No doubt we shall provide our best support to you and the only request is that: you can continue as a day trader but at least some of the times you have to change your attitude by shifting in to short-term positional trader to avail the benefits of stock market; which is very important for investors like you.

As such...we can only say one thing...




It is a known fact that most of the traders and investors in the ever demanding field of stock market, even though they are spending a lot of their valuable time and money over the trade are not able to meet with success always as they are missing some of the vital concepts to be followed if they need to profit.

Now with a view to guide them in a proper way so that their sincere efforts are fully justified the following parameters are suggested to be followed. It should be understood that the strength and weakness of any intraday stock is not constant as it may differ from day to day. One should rely on the stock market news with a careful monitoring and buy the shares accordingly. For example the market shall be strong if the US market opens up in a strong mode.

If the stock one holds is in minus it should be dislodged immediately even though the index is in the positive trend. It is suggested that one should go for buying the stock in the plus mode if the intraday index shows buy. Even though it looks far simpler and fetching from outside Intra trading demands extra caution and alertness while one should go about certain rules and regulations. One should make it a point to go for the liquid stock having great volume as there is a definite chance of a quick entry and exit. It is always safe and secure to trade on paper first and based on the results only go for the actual trading patterns.

One should not always follow the opinions of the stock market blindly especially in the intraday trading and he should observe the concept of STOP LOSS with care and caution. One has make it a point to start at a lower level while intraday trading to avoid un-wanted mental stress which happens as a result of getting afraid or greedy during the trading. The secret of Intraday trading is to go for a steady process in maintaining the purchase of stocks in fixed lots to avoid un-necessary loss and gap in the future trading.